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Our Story

We traveled the world but came back to Europe…

The founders of EuropeanExperts are experienced business people with extensive IT development and outsourcing skills. We have all concluded that Scandinavian IT experts are good but very expensive. On the other hand, they are not always world class. If your target is to win, you must find the best experts and by looking outside the borders of Scandinavia, you will find excellent competences and even to a more competitive price.

We have also tried to outsource these tasks to low cost countries like India, Pakistan and Malaysia but that did not work for us. The culture was too different, specifications were a nightmare and the time-zone difference and travel time were killing us. It was impossible to bring the team together quickly in times of crisis. In the end, we  saw that the savings in production costs were eaten by management overhead.

Culture beats strategy… every time

By exchanging India for Poland and South Africa for Czech Republic we found ourselves in similar time zones and with a shared working culture. Now we can get on-site within 2-3 hours and because of  EU working permits, they can easily travel back and forth. The boost in productivity is enormous, and we still harvest the benefit of 50 % reduction in production cost compared to Scandinavia.

We believe that by utilizing the talent and culture of the European workforce, we can bring back the competitive upper hand of the Scandinavian IT industry and we would like to share this opportunity with you.

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